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"Many are deprived of the incomparable gift of Mental and Physical well being, We impower them to lead a life that is Self - respecting , Meaningful and Fulfilling "

How many of us stop to ponder and be grateful for the gifts of movement and healthy life bestowed upon us? There are many who have limitations of leading a respectful, healthy and fulfilling life.


Rehabilitation is an integrated program of interventions that empower individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions to achieve “self-respecting, personally fulfilling, socially meaningful, and functionally effective interaction” in their daily contexts of life, work and play.


HCRA team focuses on rehabilitation of people with disabilities as a systematic process aimed at enabling them to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and social functional levels. It provides disabled people with the paraphernalia they need to attain independence, self-determination, self respect and dignity of life.


At HCRA, we ensure that the interventions nurture alliance between the family and the child so as to enhance the quality of life. The multidisciplinary interventions aim to boost and strengthen restoration of the child’s confidence and self respect.
What is Rehabilitation